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SSIG Committees

What is a SSIG Committee?

SSIG committees are formed by SSIG members just like you! There are four different committees: Student Conclave Planning, Fundraising, Social Outreach  (Social Media), and Student Networking  (Events). Each committee has a different role in making Wisconsin SSIG successful. Read each committee description below to learn more about each committee.

How do I get involved?

Joining a committee is an easy way to get more involved in SSIG. Please reach out to the committee chair below if you would like to join!

See the committee descriptions below!



Committee members plan and coordinate the annual Wisconsin Student Conclave (WSC). It is the only student-run professional PT/PTA conference in the state of Wisconsin. Click here to learn more about WSC >>

This committee is lead by SSIG's Chair, Lily Schwartzberg. Feel free to reach out to Lily if you have any thoughts or questions.

Committee members work together to help raise funds and support our goals for the SSIG. We hope to have new and unique fundraising events each year and are always looking for students to help coordinate and participate in this committee. The more money we have, the more opportunities we have to support students in their preparation to become effective therapists in the future. This committee is lead by SSIG's Vice Chair, Abby Nowakowski. Feel free to reach out to Abby if you have fundraising ideas and/or would like to join the committee.

Social Outreach (Social Media) committee members help expand our engagement with students at different programs via social media posts, inviting people to as well as sharing information about upcoming events, and creating awareness about political happenings. We also post a student of the month, provide information about residencies, guest speakers, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities. If you have a love for social media and love content design like helping manage our website, we are still seeking committee members. Please follow our Instagram and Facebook linked above to follow SSIG content. This committee is lead by SSIG's Secretary, Valerie Adank. Feel free to reach out to Valerie if you have questions and/or would like to join this committee.

Student Networking (Social) committee members plan fun, get-together events throughout the year to help connect students from different DPT and PTA programs. Social events are a great way to meet other students from other schools. Some past events have included Brewer's Games, Pub Nights, and beach days. This committee is lead by SSIG's Nominating Chair, Lindsey Palmershiem. Feel free to reach out to Lindsey if you have any ideas or questions.

Conclave Planning Committee

Fundraising Committee

Social Outreach Committee

Student Networking Committee

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