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Welcome to the Main Events Page!

Read below to learn all things happening with SSIG.

Visit our Wisconsin Student Conclave page to learn more about our annual student conclave.

Click on our Events Calendar page to see what's coming up.

Social Events

As an organization of DPT and PTA students, we want to encourage building relationships with students in other programs all across the state of Wisconsin. Our social events allow students at any year in their program to meet like-minded individuals and have a great time outside of the classroom setting. Previous social events that the APTA WI SSIG has held were going Brewer game, corn hole tournaments, pub nights, kickball tournaments, and much more! Look for upcoming events on our Events Calendar or on our Home page and be sure to check out the Student Networking Committee for meeting updates or if you have questions.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events help us put on events and learning opportunities for our members. Our goal is to raise enough funds that allow us to offer scholarships and cover conference-related costs for our student members. Previous fundraising events have included pub and restaurant nights and other fun events. Check out the Fundraising Committee for meeting updates or if you have fundraising ideas!

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