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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSIG?

SSIG stands for Student Special Interest Group. We are a special interest group of the American Physical Therapy Association Wisconsin  (APTA WI)  specifically for students. The SSIG provides a means for PT and PTA students with common interests to meet, confer, and promote the interests of the chapter and of their membership category. The SSIG provides opportunities for student involvement and networking at the state level. Other states also have SSIGs! Want to know more about student leadership/involvement? Click here!

Am I a Member?

Are you a member of the APTA and APTA WI? If you answered yes to that question, then you are a member of the SSIG! As student members, you are automatically added to the SSIG membership. The SSIG is open to any member in good standing within the APTA WI. 

We are here to give you a voice in the APTA and APTA WI. We believe that students are an untapped resource in the APTA and APTA WI, and we want to be your connection to each other to start important conversations. We plan events like the Annual Wisconsin Student Conclave, PT Pub Nights, and other networking activities. We are driven by what students want! Your SSIG executive board sits in on the APTA WI Board of Directors meetings, contributes to discussion, and actively seeks opportunities within the state that we can pass on to you. We bring the APTA WI Board of Directors to you!

What does the SSIG do?

How can I be an active member?

Get involved! We're here to help you figure out what level of involvement you want. Check out the "Get Involved" page for opportunities. If you don't see something that interests you, email us about something that does! Want to start a new initiative? We're happy to help!

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